Take Heart Skydive 1st October, 2014

Take Heart Skydive All Day Event!

Are you a thrill seeker? Adrenaline Junkie? Or just wanting to conquer a fear of heights? Gillingham Football Club’s official charity partner, Take Heart Mercy Mission, will later this year be hosting our inaugural skydive. 

This will take place on Wednesday October 1st at Headcorn Airfield and only costs a minimum of £300 per person to take part – all of which can be gained through sponsorship, meaning the dive comes at no cost to participants. 

The money raised will go towards our new local educational programs in KENT to raise awareness of the benefits of looking after your heart and minimising risk from avoidable heart conditions and complications. 

The money raised by our participants will be well spent on resources and educational staff to come and teach local children from primary and secondary schools how to keep their hearts healthy and the negative effects of narcotics, excessive weight gain and lack of exercise on their cardiac health. 

There are facilities available on site to eat and the people diving can bring spectators to witness the event take place, however no space is guaranteed for seating. 

It’s the first time the club has ever tried anything like this and is an exciting, forward thinking move for the charity, as we look to promote a series of events that will be great opportunities, fun to attend and raise money for a worthy cause in the process that children in the local Kent community will benefit from. 

If you are interested please contact tcourtley@priestfield.com or ring 01634 300000. 

The payment has to be made in FULL by the first of September or they won’t be able to jump. There is no age limit over the age of 16, but anyone over the age of 40 has to have a declaration of fitness signed or stamped by a doctor. 

Men over 14 stone can’t jump in tandem and women over 13 stone cannot participate. The jump is weather dependant and although Headcorn has advised we can jump on that day, if the weather is unsafe it will be reorganised for the nearest convenient time for everyone. 

You can bring spectators, but there is no indoor seating for them, and outdoor seating is very limited! No alcohol or drugs to be taken before the jump or you will lose your money and right to skydive. 

Read more at http://www.gillinghamfootballclub.com/news/article/take-heart-skydive-aug-4-1802611.aspx#BHqZ610wyMlXp8TC.99

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