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Critically-ill patient recovers following life-saving operation paid for by donations 22nd November, 2016 Gills and Take Heart chairman Paul Scally has thanked supporters of the Take Heart Mercy Mission charity after its vital work has helped yet another gravely ill child back to good health.
Mercy Mission Journal 2016 13th October, 2016 Gills chairman Paul Scally and the Take Heart Mercy Mission medic team are now in Sri Lanka for this year's all-important trip.  Between now and Friday, October 21, the charity's surgeons will perform up to three life-saving heart operations on children each day. Furthermore, staff from Gillingham Football Club's Community Tru... continue reading
Take Heart Mercy Mission 2016 12th October, 2016 Gillingham Football Club’s official charity travels to Sri Lanka on October 12
GILLS PREPARE FOR SRI LANKA 2016 11th October, 2016 Gillingham Football Club will be embarking on another Mercy Mission with the club’s official charity, Take Heart, on Wednesday, October 12 2016.
GALLERY: PREVIOUS MERCY MISSIONS 10th October, 2016 Take a look at what the Take Heart Mercy Mission Team have delivered in previous visits from essential medical work and operations to delivering soccer schools.