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Sending a group of medical experts to Sri Lanka costs a lot of money. Our team sacrifice their own holiday time to make the trip, therefore the main objective to raising funds is to pay for their air travel and accommodation while they are in Sri Lanka.

Additional funds will be directed to provide medical supplies and equipment that is critical for each mission and beyond.

In order to make our continuing missions possible and fulfill the promises, we need your help and support.

With time working against us we have little time to make personal requests to all, therefore we present our request to you, for help, online.


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The charity's objective is to raise enough funds to enable our continuing Mercy Missions to travel to Sri Lanka. We hope to achieve our objective by raising funds from donors, socliciting interest from companies willing to sponsor the trip and the continuing help from the Evelina Children's Hospital's team, friends, family members  - and hopefully you.

We hope to continue the hard work on the part of the hospital team, not only in making our missions a success but to increase their frequency and impact into rural Sri Lanka.

We plan our missions six to nine months in advance - taking a full cardiac team from the Evelina for two weeks needs a lot of organising, so we are constantly raising funds for the next mission.

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Alternatively, if you would like some ideas for organising events that could assist us, please click the 'How you can Help' link on the left hand side of this page.