Take Heart Mission

A few moments of your time could make the difference of a lifetime to a child and their families. Take Heart has made a promise to itself, its wellwishers, it's sponsors and donors to take the hope of a chance to live to children suffering from congenital heart disease in Sri Lanka. 

In order to make our continuing mercy missions possible & fufill the promise, we are in need of your help and support. With time working against us we have little time to make personal requests for your help so we present our request to you online. Please take the time to view our pages; we believe that you can help us to bring hope, life, love and happiness to the children of Sri Lanka. 


This year marks the eighth time that the surgeons, nurses and staff from the Evelina Children's Hospital have made the trip to Sri Lanka to conduct essential heart operations for children with life threatening conditions. Across the eight missions over 100 children have been successfully operated on and the mission team have seen over a thousand children in all since the first in 2002. 

In addition to carrying out life saving surgery, the Evelina Hospital experts are on hand to give advice to local surgeons on how to improve the care that young patients recieve, as well as donating much needed equipment to further help save lives. The work of the Mercy Mission's dedicated team has made a huge difference to the livesof children suffering from congenital heart problems in Sri Lanka and you can too by visiting our donations page

Group Doctors

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